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Remember that your future buyer is looking to purchase a lifestyle, not just the bricks and mortar to put a roof over their head. Most buyers aren’t able to imagine living in an empty room for example. Equally, a messy room can easily give a bad impression. It’s a specific lifestyle they’re after, so why not help them to imagine experiencing it in your house?

Your first task is therefore to “dress” the house appropriately. Clear all clutter and personal items away – put it into temporary storage if you have to. This will help buyers to use their imagination and will also give the impression that the house is more spacious.

Once you’re satisfied that the property is clean, tidy and shouts either country or city living, then it’s time to capture that image on camera.

Over 90% of buyers begin their property search online, so photography needs to be exceptional in order to capture their interest and prevent them from moving on. It’s rare that this standard of lifestyle photography can be achieved in-house, so a good estate agent will always call upon a renowned professional photographer to capture the best images of your home. 🌟



Across Brackley, we see people wasting their money by using estate agents who charge a cheap fee to sell a home BUT end up getting their client a lot less for the property due to a lack of skill or will.

This difference can be tens of thousands of pounds in some cases.💰

Cheap Agencies are Not Cheerful 

Look at this simplified but relevant example.

An agency says they’ll charge you a 0.9 per cent fee to sell your home, which they put on the market for £100,000.
You’ve chosen them over an agency that charges a 1.5 per cent fee. You wanted to save a few quid. 

But the cheaper agency only gets you £90,000 for it – they blame the market and tell you this is the best you’ll get for your biggest tax-free asset. After their fee you have £89,550 left.

In a parallel world, the other more motivated and skilled agent gets you the asking price of £100,000. They put more money into marketing your property, the quality of their staff and are much better negotiators. 💪

They take their well-earned £1,500 fee leaving you with £98,500 — nearly £9000 more.😍

So, the ‘cheaper’ agent, who at first glance looked to be saving you dosh, ended up wasting it.

We hope that’s given you some valuable food for thought.


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